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  • Sep 21 / 2018
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Practice Updates

Constructing, A.Blockchain

Blockchain – what does it mean for construction?

Supply chain school

Alan helped to coordinate, and delivered a speech at, a conference on Blockchain in the construction industry. The event was coordinated by ActionSustainability’s supply chain school  which provided with the following outputs:

  • Attendees received insight and understanding of Blockchain technology and its potential application in construction supply chains – especially linked to advancing sustainable construction outcomes.
  • The speakers shared their experience of what is currently happening in relation to Blockchain technology in our industry.
  • They also shared experiences and lessons learned of early adopters of Blockchain tech.
  • Inspiring more conversations about the technology within the industry, and how it can be used to drive better construction and social outcomes.

Feedback from the event “…was very good and it was good to see that our partners and members are keen to explore the opportunities that DLT’s present in more depth…


  • Jun 15 / 2018
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Practice Updates


We are pleased to note that expert evidence provided by Alan for an adjudication in May 2018 was instrumental in the Adjudicators decision to award in favor of his client.

In particular he received the following commendations:

Had a chance to look over the decision….I read a pleasing amount of “I agree with Mr Midgley.” I was also happy to note no sign whatsoever of any agreement with [the other expert] !” – Hardwicke Chambers, Barristers.

I am delighted to inform you that the adjudicator (on adjudication 1) has reached his decision and agreed with pretty much every point we have made.” – Pennington Manches, Solicitors.

  • Jan 26 / 2018
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Practice Updates

What really happened at Carillion?

For those who are interested in the facts, the attached parliamentary report should make an interesting read.

Parliamentary report into the collapse of Carillion

…When dividends are paid on the basis of expected profits, the company is effectively borrowing money to pay its shareholders…

…In the five years from 2012 to 2016, Carillion paid out £217 million more in dividends than it generated in cash from its operations…

  • Jan 24 / 2018
  • Comments Off on Carillion: Retention Title Vesting Clauses – Do they provide security over goods ?
Practice Updates

Carillion: Retention Title Vesting Clauses – Do they provide security over goods ?

This July 2016 SCL paper by Michael Mendelblat, may make an interesting read for those facing a dispute over goods or materials on site, the ownership of which has come into question as a consequence of the recent and unfortunate demise of Carillion.

  • Sep 08 / 2017
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Practice Updates

Expert Advisory services

High Rise Developments

We are pleased to announce that AG Midgley Ltd has been appointed by WRBC developments to provide planning and programming advice on their high rise development – The Scalpel in the city of London.


  • Jun 08 / 2017
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Practice Updates

Short film series

CIOB’s Short film series.

AG Midgley worked with, and received a commendation from the CIOB to coordinate a section of a short film series on disputes in the construction industry.

The movie features questions from David Woolven of The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, discussions by Professor David Mosey of King’s College London, as well as Matt Molloy of MCMC.

The movie addresses the following key questions:

  • Are disputes an unavoidable consequence of the nature of the construction process and the contracts used or can they be avoided?
  • Which situations create the most disputes on projects ?
  • How effective are Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms for resolving disputes?
  • Have the principles of trust and ethics have been fully embraced by all parts of the construction industry?
  • Have the collaborative ways of working (such as frameworks, partnership & alliances) been effective at reducing conflicts and disputes?
  • Are the standard forms of contract (drafted to be fair to all parties) too often modified by clients’ legal advisers?

In addressing these questions, it touches on key topics including, Adjudication, ADR, Arbitration, Construction Law, Dispute avoidance and Mediation.


  • Jun 05 / 2017
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Practice Updates

Masterclass workshop

AG Midgley Ltd was invited by the Singapore Contractors Association (SCAL) to be a speaker at a one day seminar and then to provide a full day’s masterclass workshop at their Construction Productivity Conference, on 24 & 25 May 2017. SCAL has been representing the construction industry in Singapore since 1937 and is represented in the policy-making committees of Singapore’s 21 professional and government bodies.

SCAL seminarSCAL_Letter of appreciation


  • Jun 05 / 2017
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Practice Updates

Expert Advisory services

AGM Ltd provided expert advisory services on a confidential basis in relation to delays on a significant infrastructure project with a value in excess of £1Bn. The role involved liaising with multiple interfaces including solicitors, clients, designers, and other experts, at a senior level for a wholly bespoke form of contract.

  • Sep 30 / 2016
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Practice Updates

Programme advice:

 Blue chip client completes on time.

“AG Midgley were commissioned to provide programme advice for one of our blue chip clients, on a large scheme in the Midlands. Alan’s advice allowed us to not only mitigate delays through informed commercial discussions, but also to avoid disputes and to resolve a series of key changes amicably. The project successfully achieved PC on time.”

Kim Kerton – Director, Project management, Capita property and infrastructure.

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